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modbus_set_response_timeout - set timeout for response


int modbus_set_response_timeout(modbus_t *ctx, uint32_t to_sec, uint32_t to_usec);


The modbus_set_response_timeout() function shall set the timeout interval used to wait for a response. When a byte timeout is set, if elapsed time for the first byte of response is longer than the given timeout, an ETIMEDOUT error will be raised by the function waiting for a response. When byte timeout is disabled, the full confirmation response must be received before expiration of the response timeout.

The value of to_usec argument must be in the range 0 to 999999.

Return value

The function shall return 0 if successful. Otherwise it shall return -1 and set errno.


  • EINVAL, the argument ctx is NULL, or both to_sec and to_usec are zero, or to_usec is larger than 999999.


uint32_t old_response_to_sec;
uint32_t old_response_to_usec;

/* Save original timeout */
modbus_get_response_timeout(ctx, &old_response_to_sec, &old_response_to_usec);

/* Define a new timeout of 200ms */
modbus_set_response_timeout(ctx, 0, 200000);

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