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modbus_enable_quirks - enable a list of quirks according to a mask


int modbus_enable_quirks(modbus_t *ctx, unsigned int quirks_mask);


The function is only useful when you are confronted with equipment which does not respect the protocol, which behaves strangely or when you wish to move away from the standard.

In that case, you can enable a specific quirk to workaround the issue, libmodbus offers the following flags:

  • MODBUS_QUIRK_MAX_SLAVE allows slave adresses between 247 and 255.
  • MODBUS_QUIRK_REPLY_TO_BROADCAST force a reply to a broacast request when the device is a slave in RTU mode (should be enabled on the slave device).

You can combine the flags by using the bitwise OR operator.

Return value

The function shall return 0 if successful. Otherwise it shall return -1 and set errno.

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