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modbus_rtu_set_custom_rts - set a function to be used for custom RTS implementation


int modbus_rtu_set_custom_rts(modbus_t *ctx, void (*set_rts) (modbus_t *ctx, int on))


The modbus_rtu_set_custom_rts() function shall set a custom function to be called when the RTS pin is to be set before and after a transmission. By default this is set to an internal function that toggles the RTS pin using an ioctl call.

Note that this function adheres to the RTS mode, the values MODBUS_RTU_RTS_UP or MODBUS_RTU_RTS_DOWN must be used for the function to be called.

This function can only be used with a context using a RTU backend.

Return value

The modbus_rtu_set_custom_rts() function shall return 0 if successful. Otherwise it shall return -1 and set errno to one of the values defined below.


  • EINVAL, the libmodbus backend is not RTU.