Stable and development releases

July 29, 2019

libmodbus 3.0.7 (2019-07-29)

libmodbus v3.0.x branch has been updated to include important fixes backported from v3.1.5.

  • Fix VD-1301 and VD-1302 vulnerabilities
  • Move WINVER definition before other includes (closes #350)
  • Replace signed int by unsigned

libmodbus 3.1.5 (2019-07-29)

  • Add config
  • Change arg value from int to const uint16_t in modbus_write_register
  • Mark raw_req argument as const in modbus_send_raw_request (closes #479)
  • Add unit tests for VD-1301 and VD-1302 vulnerabilities
  • Fix VD-1301 and VD-1302 vulnerabilities
  • Create
  • modbus_mapping_t is now a named typedef (to allow forward declaration)
  • Rename type as flags for consistency between functions
  • Add missing SOCK_CLOEXEC flag on socket creation
  • Remove wrong and harmful checks in
  • Oops fix OR on RS485 settings (1c5d969)
  • Only set SER_RS485_ENABLED bit of existing RS485 settings
  • Add .vscode/ to .gitignore
  • Fix wrong function name
  • Remove a duplicated semi-colon
  • Fix a small typo in test message
  • Fix modbus_reply for TCP when unit id == 0 (fixes #376)
  • New functions to define the indication timeout (#95)
  • Remove CYGWIN condition to provide bswap16 fallback (#383)
  • typo fix
  • Use builtin bswap16 of gcc 4.8 (#377)
  • Handle out-of-memory conditions more gracefully
  • Add entry points for accept/listen in libmodbus index
  • Fix typo
  • Refine issue template for Github
  • Move WINVER definition before other includes (#350)
  • Add new function modbus_get_slave()
  • Fix LIBMODBUS_VERSION_HEX encoding (closes #345)
  • tcp_modbus_accept mustn’t close socket on error (closes #333)

Tags: release