libmodbus v3.1.4

May 28, 2016

  • C_PROG_RANLIB is rendered obsolete by LT_INIT
  • Improve ifdef around bswap_16 for __CYGWIN__
  • Improve Cygwin support. Thanks to StalderT.
  • Another round of DRY in modbus_reply()
  • Rename raw_rep to raw_rsp in unit-test-client
  • Fix wrong function name in debug message
  • Fix handling of invalid function code (closes #315)
  • Add debug message on unknown function and new unit test
  • DRY in modbus_reply by improving response_exception()
  • Fix typo in 3053bd0adb
  • CID 69145 - Argument cannot be negative in unit-test-server
  • CID 69142 - Unchecked return value in unit-test-server
  • Fix CID 69140 - Bad bit shift operation (coverity) in tests
  • Rewrite and rename README as in tests/
  • Github’s contributing and issue template files
  • Fix small leak (64 bytes in TCP) in unit-test-client
  • Add to tarball
  • Add ./configure.scan to .gitignore
  • Move setting of option inside the relevant conditional group
  • Add links to new modbus_*_float_* functions in index
  • Slight change to modbus_report_slave_id doc.

Tags: release