libmodbus v3.1.3

May 11, 2016

The structure modbus_mapping_t has been extended to include the new start addresses (ABI break).

New function: modbus_mapping_new_start_address

  • New bswap macros for Max OSX by Jakob Bysewski.
  • Fix “wildcard address” in TCP IPv6 by Shoichi Sakane.
  • Introduce offsets in modbus mappings with modbus_mapping_new_start_address. Thanks to Michael Heimpold and Stéphane Raimbault.
  • Fix address range in random-test-client. Thanks to Martin Galvan.
  • Add an option to disable tests compilation by Yegor Yefremov.
  • Define MSG_DONTWAIT to MSG_NONBLOCK on AIX (#294). Thanks to Fabrice Cantos.
  • Fix building when byteswap.h is not defined by Tomasz Mon.
  • Add some more macros for data manipulation and documentation.
  • Remove duplicate install of modbus.h (closes #290). Thanks to Daniel Sutcliffe.
  • Move MIGRATION and to dist_doc_DATA target.
  • Change order of few functions in modbus RTU code.
  • Add entries for modbus_rtu_[get|set]_delay in documentation index.
  • Implemented runtime configurable RTS delay by Jimmy Bergström.
  • Add an entry in libmodbus index page for modbus_rtu_set_custom_rts.
  • Add support for user defined RTS toggle function by Jimmy Bergström.
  • Added ILLEGAL_DATA_ADDRESS tests for modbus_write_register[|s]. Thanks to Andrey Skvortsov.
  • Update documentation of modbus_rtu_set_rts
  • Fix rts signal switch time by Hiromasa Ihara.
  • Improve new_rtu and set_slave documentation (related to #276).
  • Fix late check of ctx in modbus_reply[|_exception] (closes #269).
  • Wait the server for 1 second before running tests (help Travis).
  • A libmodbus context isn’t thread safe and won’t be (closes #246).
  • Fix buffer overflow in modbus_mask_write_register (#265).
  • Minor adjustments to README about AsciiDoc.
  • Export MODBUS_MAX_ADU_LENGTH and documentation (ref #241).
  • Explicit check against Modbus broadcast address.
  • Do not reply on broadcast requests (fixes #153). Thanks to Michael.
  • Add Travis support.
  • Run unit tests with standard: make check (closes #205, closes #238). This patch has been developed by Andrey Skvortsov, Michael Heimpold and Stéphane Raimbault.
  • modbus_send_raw_request: limit request length (fixes #207). Thanks to Hanno Neuer for spotting this security flaw.
  • Add new contributors to AUTHORS
  • Introduce SPDX license identifiers. Thanks to Michael Heimpold.

Tags: release