libmodbus v3.1.2

February 10, 2015

If you still want to listen any addresses in your TCP IPv4 server, you must now set the IP address to NULL in modbus_new_tcp before listening. Now, modbus_tcp_listen only listen the IP address set in the Modbus context (see documentation).

This release introduces API changes on modbus_get_byte_timeout, modbus_get_response_timeout, modbus_set_byte_timeout, modbus_set_response_timeout to ease writing of language bindings.

  • Rewrite documentation building system
  • Fix timeouts in unit tests
  • Don’t flush on illegal address errors in single write functions
  • Fix compilation on compilers not supporting c99 mode. Thanks to Michael Heimpold.
  • Update license for the tests in Debian packaging (#221)
  • Move check of device earlier to avoid a free call
  • Unit test for baud rate check and error message.
  • Fix crash modbus_new_rtu when baud is 0. Thank you to Daniel Schürmann.
  • Removed function prototype without implementation Thank you Andrej Skvortzov.
  • Switch test programs to a BSD license
  • Fix remote buffer overflow vulnerability on write requests
  • Avoid twice connect() in source code (closes #194)
  • Fix compilation with MinGW (GCC 4.8.1) under Win7 (closes #163) Thank you MarjanTomas and SwissKnife.
  • Fix TCP IPv4 modbus_connect() on win32 (closes #100 and #165) Thank you Petr Gladkiy and Marjan Tomas.
  • Fix 24a05ebd3c0 - win32: init of modbus_tcp_pi_listen (#187)
  • INADDR_* macros are defined in host byte order
  • Filter of IP addresses in IPv4 server (closes #190)
  • Allow to listen any hosts in IPv6 (closes #32)
  • Define and public export of MODBUS_MAX_PDU_LENGTH (closes #167)
  • Truncate data from response in report_slave_id to new max arg (closes #167)
  • Fix response timeout modification on connect (closes #80)
  • New API to set/get response and byte timeouts. New unit tests and updated documentation.
  • Export Modbus function codes supported by libmodbus
  • Fix bandwidth-server-one (closes #152)
  • Check debug flag in RTU code
  • Remove warnings caused by shadowed ‘index’ variable. Thanks to Åke Forslund.
  • Use accept4 in TCP PI if available
  • Add documentation for tcp[_pi]_accept (closes #31)
  • Fix mistake in modbus_tcp_listen documentation
  • Add documentation for modbus_tcp_pi_listen
  • Fix for MinGW and Windows (#144, #169, #175, #180, #181, #187) Thanks to Marjan Tomas.
  • Many other fixes (#134, #157, #158, #183, #184) and improvements.

Tags: release