Very late announce of libmodbus v3.1.0

May 11, 2013

OK last year, I’ve silently released libmodbus v3.1.0 and it’s never too late to announce it!

libmodbus 3.1.0 (2012-05-22)

Major changes to handle many slaves in RTU mode, non blocking connections and RTS flow control.

  • Fixes for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler
  • Fixes for Windows. Thanks to oldfaber
  • Return value of _modbus_tcp_pi_connect() on failure (closes )
  • Avoid ioctl call on non-RS485 ports. Thanks to Michael Haberler
  • Display node and service in PI and port in IPv4 at connection
  • Return -1 on getaddrinfo error and print error in debug mode
  • More robust way to establish the connection in non blocking mode
  • TCP - Socket in non blocking mode by default. Thanks to Thomas Stalder
  • Apply CLOEXEC flag for TCP protocol independent too (IPv6)
  • New RTU receive() to ignore confirmation from other slaves (closes #18)
  • Move RTU filtering in CRC check to avoid useless call to modbus_reply
  • Unique transaction identifier by TCP connection
  • Use accept4 with SOCK_CLOEXEC when available (Linux)
  • Open fd and socket with the CLOEXEC flag when available
  • Exception response on report slave ID wasn’t detected (closes #27)
  • Provides a way to disable the byte timeout (Alex Stapleton)
  • Added slave ID check for response messages (Alex Stapleton)
  • RTS flow control with modbus_rtu_set_rts and modbus_rtu_get_rts functions by Torello Querci and St├ęphane Raimbault.

Download libmodbus v3.1.0

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