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A Modbus library for Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, QNX and Win32
Magic libmodbus v3.0.0 is out

OK, the new stable release of libmodbus is finally out! Two years after libmodbus v2.0.3 and 400 commits, I'm happy to release this new version which contains many changes to improve the API and enhance the Modbus protocol conformity. The major features of this release are:

Thanks to the many contributors

Tobias Doerffel, Florian octo Forster, Hannu Vuolasaho, Patsy Kaye, Ivo De Decker, Allan Cornet, Manfred Gruber, Jason Oster, Petr Parýzek, Antti Manninen, Barry Grumbine, Kirill Smelkov, Anibal Limón, David Olivari, Sisyph, aladdinwu, Jeff Laughlin, Yishin Li , Henrik Munktell, Paul Fertser, Norbert Koch and Stéphane Raimbault.

The development continues for the next v3.1 release with this roadmap. Have fun!