libmodbus v2.9.3 is out!

January 17, 2011

During this development cycle, I’ve received more feedback than for any other releases. That’s really cool, thank you! With this new release, you can consider to migrate from the previous 2.0.x series for your applications.

libmodbus v2.9.3 (2011-01-14)

  • Major rewriting of the message reading (no more timeouts on exception)
  • New function to reply to an indication with an exception message modbus_reply_exception()
  • New function modbus_get_header_length(modbus_t *ctx)
  • New functions to manipulate data:
  • Fix #2. Read/write were swapped in _FC_READ_AND_WRITE_REGISTERS
  • Install an ignore handler for SIGPIPE on *BSD. Original patch by Jason Oster.
  • Fix closing of Win32 socket. Reported by Petr ParĂ˝zek.
  • Fix unit identifier not copied by the TCP server. Reported by Antti Manninen
  • Fix missing modbus_flush() in unit tests.
  • Fixes for OpenBSD by Barry Grumbine and Jason Oster

This time, the release is not only availabe as tarball but also as Fedora and Ubuntu packages on the download page.

For the next release, I’ve already merged my ipv6 branch (based on the work of Florian Forster), the rtai branch of Chris Cole is waiting for review (ah, RTAI, like in the good old days :) and I hope to take care of the gtk-doc work done by Luis Matos.

Tags: release