New libmodbus 2.9.2 with win32 support and backends

December 5, 2010

OK, I don’t care about Windows but I’m happy libmodbus offers a bit of Open Source to this platform so thank you to Tobias Doerffel for this contribution. The other major change is the use of an internal backend to isolate the transport layers (only serial RTU and TCP/IPv4 for now).

libmodbus 2.9.2 (2010-12-05)

  • Fix segfault in bandwidth-server-many-up on inet_ntoa() call
  • Fix unit test of report slave ID in RTU
  • Fix GH-3. Remove inclusion of config.h in modbus.h
  • Correctly detect if we are cross
  • compiling for win32 by Kirill Smelkov.
  • Rename modbus_[listen|accept] to modbus_tcp_[listen|accept]
  • Fix setting of the broadcast address
  • Remove slave argument from modbus_new_rtu()
  • Win32 support by Tobias Doerffel
  • Split source code around RTU and TCP (backends)
  • Check received function code

So let’s run your MinGW!

Tags: release